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This course is predominantly centred around learning to to pre race trade Betfair horse racing markets(scalping).Pre race trading is extremely popular largely due to the limited risks involved when implemented correctly.As the name suggests ,You will be trading pre-race ,Which means before the race is even run.So no matter what the result of the race any profits you make will be safe.

Most of you will have some sort of idea of how Betfair trading works,But even if you do not.The course will teach you how to pre race trade the Betfair horse racing markets.

The course starts at the very beginning and will guide you through all of the set up process needed to get started.Not only will you learn the set up required ,You will also learn how to pre race trade (scalp.The course is in video form and covers all the basics and will progress.

By the end of this course you will have a clear understanding of how to trade the pre race markets.You should also be able to pre race trade for profit.

Many people are making a very nice income from pre race trading.With practice and willingness to learn there is no reason why you could not also take a guaranteed profit out of the pre race markets.Scalping is a skill and you will need to practice,But as many others are now finding out.If you are willing to put the effort in,The rewards can be fantastic.

Any one can take course 1,Betfair pre-course ,It is the starting point for most new traders and starts at the very beginning so it is ideal for those who are just starting their trading journey.You will learn everything from the very basics all the way to possibly becoming a profitable pre -race trader  .


Some of you may of come across pre race trading before.But for those who have not. Pre race trading allows you to take your profit before the race even starts.Many of you may have heard the word "SCALPING" This is the process used by most pre race traders.It simply relies on you  to take small profits each time you make a successful trade  .The aim is to make several of these small trades and the profit will build up each time you make a successful trade.The short video below will demonstrate this.

Pre race trading is a skill and by the end of the 1st course you should have gained sufficient knowledge to be able to implement  the scalping process and also make some profit along the way.


The course will cover everything from the very basics of getting set up and understanding how pre race profits are made all the way to teaching you some trading strategies that you can implement into your everyday trading.

Scalping is the natural starting point for most traders because the risks can be limited in most cases with a little discipline.Even the most experienced traders amongst you can benefit from taking the pre race course.

Everything is set out in a easy to understand format ,The vast majority of the course content is in video form. Pre race trading  can be very profitable for many who participate.It does take patience and practise,But with this course ,You will have a full understanding of how it works and also some trading strategies to use daily.


Before you take the course you will need.

  • A Betfair account or Betdaq. Betfair is preferred because trading relies on money entering and leaving the market,The more money in the market will mean the quicker you get your stakes matched .Betfair at the moment has  far more money in the markets.
  • Geeks Toy software.We are not affiliated in any way with Geeks Toy but it is the software we use,Also all the videos will show Geeks Toy so it will make learning easier if you use the same software.Software is a must and it is very in expensive at around £20 for 3 months(free 14 day trial).The use of software will streamline the way you place trades.
  • You will need use of a pc/laptop operated by windows.
  • The final thing is,Willingness to learn and the dedication to practice the skills taught. 


I know this is a question i get asked most.There are a few factors that will go into this.

  1. Your willingness to learn.

Whilst everything is kept simple giving you a good chance of learning this skill very quickly,You will need to spend a little time using small stakes ,Just so you get used to being in the markets and how they move.The more time you spend trading at small stakes the quicker you will progress onto bigger profits.

        2.Your betting bank.If you have a betting bank of around £100 then i do not see why you could not easily make £30-£50 a day.With this growth rate it will only be a matter of days until your betting bank grows substantially .

        3.Your discipline,There is quite alot of discipline involved,So if you have the discipline not to go in play for no reason and you take small losses when needed,This means you will protect the profits you have made.We can not win 100% of the time so protecting your bank is a must.

      However i do have to make a disclaimer at this point.No profit can be guaranteed and any losses you make are solely your responsibility. 

      How long will it be before you can trade?

      The course is kept simple so you should be able to trade more or less straight away,Assuming you watch and understand the videos,As i previously mentioned there are a couple of set strategies included which i use most days to show a profit.