JAZZ LEGEND was also a selection in the 5.10




Chase The Wind 2.30 newcastle SP 4.4 TRADED A LOW OF 2.48 IN RUNNING

 Spring Wolf 4.15 exeter SP 11. TRADED 5.3 IN RUNNING

What Larks 4.45 exeter(enter the market after the off when odds increase) SP 38.00 TRADED A LOW OF 16.5 IN RUNNING

Catapult 5.00 wolverhampton SP 8.78 TRADED A LOW OF 3 IN RUNNING

big time maybe 6.00 wolverhampton SP 4.4 LOW OF 3.3 IN RUNNING


There were 2 other selections for the 4/04/2019 one was short in price but won its race and one failed to make the 50% reduction,But agai today would show a profit


The last selection i did not trade due to the price being 2.00 ,This would mean the horse has to win the race for the price to half so its sometimes not worth trading.Where possible i try not to select short priced horses.But overall today we had  succesfull selections and 2 selections did not reach the 50% reduction but you would of still made a profit if you had traded every selection.

betfair back to lay selections

The service will give you full access to the days selections,All selections will be back to lay and they have been created using mainly data from PROFORM.All the selections are first selecting with at least a 50% reduction in price from the betfair SP.The selections will give you multiple options in terms of trading.


The daily selection service was designed for those of you who may not wish to spend the time each day working back to lay selections out,Or perhaps you may not have full access to some of the paid resourses.

Each day you will receive a list of horses.The horses selected are likely to contract in price during running upto 50% below the SP .I have selected horses that are likely to contract upto 50% in running to keep things simple.

You do not have to place your hedge figure at the full 50% reduction odds ,There is no reason why you could not just aim for the 25% reduction figure,or indeed any figure you wish.

obviously you will make more profit at 50% and the good thing is you aonly need to get things right half the time,anything more than this will show profit.

By using the DOBBING approach you also will not need to worry to much about a exit figure figure if things go red.

There are a lot of different ways you can use the selections each day to profit.

All selections will be back to lay

Some days you will get more selections than other days depending on the meetings etc.


I use a variety of resources but the main website i will use is PROFORM.The selections will be based on many factors relating to the trip,course ground etc lThis means the horses will only be selected when they meet a strict criteria.

Where possible i look for the higher odds runners which again will mean the profit is easier to achieve.If the odds are to low this means the horse will have to pretty much win the race in order to get a 50% reduction.But sometimes the low odds horses will be selected this can not be avoided.


Each morning i will send the selections out via email.The service will run for 8 weeks (2 months) and then you have the option to re new if you wish.

The price of the service is just £21.00 and this will give you all the the daily selections for 8 weeks .You would only need just 2 selections to half in price to re coup this cost based on a £10 stake.So this service offers great value.