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The £50 a day profit method
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This short course was put together for people who may not have all day every day to trade and may only wish to trade a handfull of races each day.The selection procceses are in their rawest form and very simple. Y ou should have no trouble getting £5-£10 profit from the selections ou make from around a £25 stake.





This course will teach you exactly what to look for when you are selecting horses to trade in running.It will show you the exact same resources i use every day to select horses to trade in running.

The course will cover entry and exit points,You should already have a understanding of how to place a trade from the previous courses and your software should be also set up.

The course content is in video form and will show the different methods i use and also it will show you live recordings using these methods.

This course does not cover how the market moves etc because this has been covered in a previous course within the package.But i feel this course will really make profiting from trading a whole lot easier and can really produce some great profits.

At the end of the course you should be able to use the resources  SHOWN in the course TO SELECT AROUND 10-20 TRADES A DAY.Depending how many meeting there is for the day.