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Course 2 is for the informed trader.When i say informed i mean"You will need a understanding of how pre race trading works and how to profit"If you are unsure of how to pre race trade i would recommend taking course 1 .

Course 2 will teach you how to really maximise any profits you make from trading.A large proportion of the course will involve both pre race trading and also in play trading.

I am sure many of you may be a little confused at this point ,You will probably be aware that scalping pre race and in play trading do not really go hand in hand.You must of heard people say "never take a pre race trade in play"

This is good advice ,You do not want to generally take pre race trades in play.The exception to this is when.You have a informed reason to take a trade in play.


If you are just pre race trading on the favourite because that is where most the liquidity is ,It approaches post time,It would not be a good idea to take this trade in play because the only reason you were trading the horse was because it is where the pre race liquidity was .Once the market goes in play you have lost your reason for trading the horse.Remember you were trading based on pre race liquidity.


If you were trading a favourite pre race based on the fact that it is were the liquidity was ,But also you had a informed reason that the horse was likely to out run its odds during running .Then there is a reason for you to go in play with the trade.So it would be perfectly ok to trade in play.As long as you have a informed reason for trading in play then it is perfectly ok. Most profit will be made from in play markets in most cases.


As i previously mentioned course 2 is about maximising any potential profits you may make.It will involve in play trading and also pre race trading.You should already have a idea of how to profit from the pre race markets ,So course 2 will take trading 1 step further.

It will incorporate some of the trading methods from the in play methods.But there is also some fresh strategies for maximising profit and limiting risks.

 The course content will be added to most days over the coming weeks



learn how to create low risk trading opportunities and maximise profits with this simple selection process

Learn how to select horses suitable for swing trading

If you look at the list of horses selected you will see there was 1 non runner and 4 of the horses went on to win so far,This should show how strong the selection method is

Learn How To Select Horses Likely To Half In price During Running,Low Risk