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£50 A Day Profit Method

This short course will show you how it is possible to make around £50 a day profit from trading at £25 stakes.The methods are strong and have been used with great effect.

The methods do not rely on laying favourites and the selection process is very simple.


You will need to have access to some trading software such as Geeks Toy which is what will be used in the course but most trading softwares will work the same.

You will also need a Betfair account and access to a pc/laptop with a internet connection.

Ideally you will have some knowledge of how trading works.

You will also need enough funds in our betfair account to cover the stakes needed (i would recommend £100-£200 ).


The course will cover:

The basic set up needed for the Geeks Toy Software.

The selection process for the horses you will need to trade.

Advised entry and exit points.

The course will be predominately in running trading.

The course will be in video format. 

The course focuses on horse racing markets.

The course was designed for those wishing to try and take a set daily amount from the betting exchanges .It is not limited to £50 profit you can aim for less or more.The £50 profit profit will be achieved from £25 stakes.

It is not as difficult as you may think to actually make £50 a day profit from the exchanges.It mostly relies on Discipline and selecting the correct horses.The course will teach you the full selection process.However it can not teach you discipline .

To view more upto date videos showing this method please visit m outube channel below

DISCLAIMER:Whilst the upmost care has been taken to produce a course that can produce £50 a day profit.I can  not Guarantee this will always be possible.The course is sold as a information product,If you choose to use the information for gambling purposes you do so at our own risk and we will not be responsible for any financial loss you may incur.You must be aged 18+ plus to purchase this product.